Life in the Lagoon

The shallow lagoon surrounding the island of Emboodhu Finolhu provide sheltered habitat for many marine animals and resemble a huge aquarium. Don’t be surprised when you see an abundance of marine life right outside your door!

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The Maldives is one of the best places in the world to spot dolphins. The most common species is the Spinner Dolphin but other species …

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We have several species of Stingrays living in our lagoon including Whiptail, Whitetail and Feathertail Rays. They can often be seen gliding around the lagoon …

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Black Tip Reef Shark

The lagoon surrounding Emboodhu Finolhu is a nursery area for juvenile Black Tip Reef Sharks, which can often be seen swimming close to the shore …

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Eagle Ray

Eagle Rays are a pelagic species of Ray often found in the deep open ocean, however, they are sighted throughout the year in the lagoon …

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Different species of Triggerfish can be found both in the lagoon and also on the reef. Triggerfish species vary in size and color but they …

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Octopus are known to inhabit patches of coral or rubble – basically anywhere they can hide themselves! They are the masters of camouflage; changing both …

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Also known as Blue-fin Jackfish, these predator fish are some of the fastest in our waters. Trevally prey on shoals of smaller fish which they …

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Needlefish are exactly as their name suggests; long, thin and silver. They can often be spotted floating close to the surface of the lagoon waters, …

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