Life on the Reef

Coral Reefs are abundant with colorful marine life; they provide many marine species with food and a place to shelter and live. Expect to see an array of marine creatures on your snorkel and dive excursions – more than a thousand species of fish and other underwater organisms inhabit the Maldivian waters!

Explore the Reef Recharge underwater gallery so you can recognize some of the most frequently encountered ones.


Leaffish are very small and are often overlooked by snorkelers and divers because they are the masters of disguise. You can rarely spot them unless …

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This family of reef fish are often spotted hiding under coral overhangs or in groups facing into the current. They are easily identified by their …

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Puffer-fish get their name from their defensive action – many of this family have small spines covering their body and when provoked, puff or inflate …

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