Meet Elena

ElenaReef Recharge is happy to announce the arrival of the newest team member – Elena.

Elena Cienfuegos joined the team in late 2015 and will be our ‘man in the field’ checking up on all the coral frames in the water.She was born and grew up in Northern Spain, and has always been in close contact with the ocean. She has had a passion about animals and nature preservation since her early childhood.

After graduating as a Marine Biologist she spent some time working in French aquariums, until she met Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This organization changed her whole focus. Elena quit her job at the aquarium and moved to Australia to take part in the 2013 Whale defending campaign on Antarctic ocean. An amazing experience we are sure! Afterwards, Elena got her Scuba Instructor certification, and has never gone far from the ocean ever since!

Elena with the Sting Rays
“As environmentalist, I recognize coral reefs as one of the richest and most valuable ecosystems on Earth. I am excited for being part of such beautiful project and becoming actually engaged with its conservation.”  Elena

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