TEX Tidings | Issue #36

2015 has been another fantastic year for Reef Recharge! Our project has continued to expand with 63 new frames added to the garden – giving us a grand total of 179 frames in the water.

TE009 at 48 MonthsJuly 2015 marked the fourth year that Reef Recharge has been operating. During each of those four years the project has grown both in the number of frames in the water and in the level of support we receive. Reef recharge would not have been able to accomplish the level of rejuvenation and rehabilitation that it has without the support of our amazing sponsors. We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support over the past four years and we hope it will continue into the future.

Reef-Recharge-Bleached-Coral2016 looks like it might bring some difficult times with it as one of the strongest ever El Nino systems is in full swing. As the surface water naturally warms in the first months of the New Year it will be accelerated and heightened by the El Nino phenomenon. This raising of the water temperature is feared to lead to a wide scale coral bleaching event. This event could weaken, or worst case scenario kill, swathes of shallow water coral colonies.

Unfortunately there is not very much we can do except wait to see what the year brings and continue our regular cleaning and maintenance routine.

We will keep everyone regularly updated on any signs of coral bleaching throughout the project and the local reefs. We hope that at least the older and more established frames will be able to withstand the temperature changes.

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