TEX Tidings | Issue #32 December/January

Happy New Year from the Reef Recharge Team!

We hope 2015 will bring another prosperous year to our coral frames and their sponsors!


Coral-Frame-TE112December and the end of 2014 brought with it very changeable weather which interrupted some of our snorkeling and diving trips. But we never let a bit of bad weather stop us! During December we planted 6 new coral frames bringing our annual total to 67!

To find out more about the annual progress of our coral frames read the Coral Frame Report.


Ghost Net found in JanuaryJack and Jannicke dissecting the netIn the first weeks of January we came across yet another Ghost Net floating close to the island. Luckily this net had no injured Turtles or marine life trapped, but it had snagged onto a patch of reef causing a large amount of coral damage.

In mid-January we held a Turtle Workshop, bringing the plight of Turtles and the issue of Ghost Nets to the forefront. More information on this event can be found in the Turtles section of this newsletter issue.


Scalloped RibbonfishAnother surprise came at the end of January when we spotted a strange fish swimming in the lagoon. After an exploratory snorkel and photography session, plus a lot of researching we managed to identify the critter as a Scalloped Ribbonfish!

Normally found at depths of around 90m this strange looking fish with long trailing fins was a little out of place in our shallow lagoon! After spending several hours drifting around the lagoon it eventually made its way out into the deeper channel.


Here’s hoping 2015 brings as many marine life surprises and new coral frames as 2014!

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