TEX Tidings | Issue #33 February/March

Hawksbill Turtle at Coral GardenFebruary and March have been good snorkeling months with calm seas and lovely clear water!

During our snorkeling trips we have spotted a few Hawksbill turtles, normally either feeding or resting on the reef. Whenever possible we have taken identification photos of the turtles and forwarded them to the Maldives turtle identification program. We are waiting to hear back whether the turtles we have spotted are new to the database or have already been spotted elsewhere.



Trumpetfish with SurgeonfishWe have also sighted large shoals of Powder Blue Surgeon-fish feeding on algae on the tops of the reef. Often in amongst these shoals are a few Trumpet-fish – a bizarre fish to behold!

Also on the tops of the reefs, and amongst coral bommies, we have noticed lots of Clams ranging in size from the small but beautiful Necklace Clams all the way up to Giant Clams.




Coral-Frame-TE133Throughout February and March we have planted 15 newly sponsored coral frames, bringing our total to 139 frames in the water. In March we have conducted a survey of all the frames, and we are pleased to announce they are all doing wonderfully!

We now have a strict cleaning schedule for all frames as we start to come into the monsoon season (often we see a lot of algal build up during this time) and some coral frames will now have fragments replaced as the risk of bleaching starts to lower.



network pipefishEvery time we clean the coral frames we are noticing more and more marine life. Our latest highlight is spotting Pipefish all around the frames as well as on the original reef.

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