TEX Tidings | Issue #35 Jun/Jul

World Oceans DayIn June we celebrated World Oceans Day in style with a whole day of ocean based and themed activities. Our snorkeling trip to a local reef went as usual but with an extra focus on threats to marine life and the environment. In the afternoon a new coral frame was planted into our coral garden with the help of guests and staff. Later Joachim held a special presentation in the Equator Bar highlighting threats to the marine world and what we can do to help.


TE148Throughout June and July we have planted 11 new coral frames into our coral garden bringing the total to 157. We have been keeping a close eye on the planted coral fragments as coral bleaching has been a major issue throughout the Maldives. Although we have noticed some isolated coral bleaching on local reefs, the coral fragments on the coral frames seem to be coping with the higher water temperatures. Coral bleaching may still occur, as a delayed reaction to the warmer water temperatures in previous months. For this reason we will keep the coral fragments we feel at risk under close supervision.


school of skipjack tunaDuring the past two months we have had some great sightings including Pufferfish, Porcupinefish, Turtles and Skipjack Tuna. Find out more about this months sightings in Turtles!

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