Turtles | A New Addition

Once again we have a clean sheet for Turtle rescues in June and July. In fact so far the Olive Ridley Project are reporting only 3 Turtle rescues in June and none in July in the Maldives! Brilliant news all round!

                                                        Kurumba Turtle Rescue Reethi Rah Rescue

Hawksbill Turtle on House ReefIn July as Joachim attended to the coral frames he spotted a Hawksbill Turtle feeding and sleeping close to our coral garden. On the fourth day of spotting the Turtle he managed to get close enough to take some photos. Joachim then sent these photos to Turtle Watch Maldives to log the entry of this sighting into their database. We are delighted to find out that this turtle is a new sighting and entry into the Maldives Turtle Database! Turtle HK2201 hopefully will be staying a resident of our coral garden.

This sighting is also exciting as it shows the coral garden is starting to attract more marine life into the area – and not just fish!

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